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Subject Leader Geography Mr McDermott
Geography Teachers Ms Y Tyler
Miss C Ward

Geography teaches us to investigate the human and physical processes that shape our dynamic world, our aim is to inspire students within our lessons, to stimulate curiosity & provide answers to the great challenges facing humankind in the 21st Century – climate change, water security, destruction of ecosystems, development, trade or foreign aid.

We believe that studying Geography reduces ignorance, enabling students to develop an understanding of the world around them at different scales, how people are interacting with it & subsequently, how to live more sustainably. We hope to empower students with the knowledge that they can make a difference.

Studying Geography develops a range of skills which support other subjects on the curriculum & provide a strong basis for life long study.

Please see our learning journey for a visual representation of the curriculum.

In Geography students will become:

Motivated to learn, keen to ask questions, seek answers, develop their opinions & justify their viewpoint. Global citizens able to understand, empathise, make decisions & guide the next generation in shaping the future.

Inspired sufficiently to continue their study of Geography at college, university & beyond.

Independent learners who are able to identify & select from the most effective strategies/techniques to enable accelerated progress - self-assessment to identify areas for development, self-recognition of barriers to learning so these can be overcome and ‘how best to’ record notes from texts/research the internet/revise etc. in the most efficient & fit for purpose way.

Successful learners who are able to work smart rather than just hard & capable of using their transferable skills across all of their subjects.

Subject specifics aside, our aim is to ensure our relationship with students & parents/carers is one of easy communication & approachability allied to ample opportunity for further support so that all students have the potential to exceed their own expectations & realise their aspirations.