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Curriculum Overview

Our innovative and diverse curriculum is teamed with progressive teaching methods to create a vibrant, creative and aspirational learning environment.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers a variety of academic and applied learning courses. In all subject areas along with the stimulating subject content, we focus on promoting skills such as initiative, leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork – known as the oracy skills. The result is a well-rounded education that provides an excellent foundation for further and higher education and the world of work.

Recognising that challenge takes many forms, we give students careful guidance to ensure that their education sparks interest, provides diversity and offers appropriate pathways at school and beyond into adult life. Personalised learning programmes ensure that each student learns at the right pace for them, with continuous assessment of progress and support provided to maximise achievement.

We have adapted our curriculum to include ‘recovery’ from school closure following the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst this is a primarily a short term intervention we are aware that the effects may have an impact on our current and future students for some years and as such will continue to adapt our offer to the ever changing needs of our learners.

All students complete a three-year Key Stage 3 to ensure that learning is broad, balanced and enriched throughout Years 7 to 9. In addition, during Year 9 many subjects will begin to start to prepare students for the demands of GCSE courses.

During Year 9 we believe students have had sufficient exposure to subjects to make mature and informed GCSE or alternative course choices. The options progress is finalised by the end of Year 9 so that GCSE courses can begin in earnest at the start of Year 10.

Key Stage 4 is delivered during Years 10 and 11 and whilst we acknowledge the importance of preparing for the final examinations we still want our students to be excited by their learning and really explore and appreciate their subjects. We want our students to leave us with lasting memories of their lessons and not just the memory of the exam paper sitting in front of them.

We believe that ‘learning for life’ is fundamental to education. It is not just academic achievement that is needed to be successful in the modern and competitive world. All students will take part in structured tutor programmes which include PSHE, relationships, employability skills, literacy and numeracy. The latter being applied to the wider world not just part of English and mathematics lessons.

The curriculum never stands still and we are making exciting additions to our offer and this section of the website – please keep checking for further updates.

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