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Headboy's Welcome

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This year I am very lucky to find myself in the position of Head Boy, and subsequently in the privileged position where I get to greet you here and welcome you to the wonderful Forest school. Forest is not just a school, but really a family and community with so much more depth than a normal school. Any student who has spent some time at Forest knows that you leave with a bond not only with your classmates and friends, but also with your teachers and just school that it still draws you back, with many ex-students coming back to help.

One of the central points of pride at Forest is the incredible support system there is in place for students. Students can see a learning mentor or a counsellor. The heads of houses for any of the four houses are always willing to talk and help students with anything they might need. As well as this, we have the Pastoral team who work hard to give us an environment where students can work and concentrate, allowing us to feel pride in ourselves as a student body.

The most significant recent change here at Forest was the decision for us to go Co-Ed, and the school has flourished. Changes were made quickly and concisely to accommodate the new students and they have slotted in perfectly. The school as a whole feels like a happier and friendly place, especially for the younger students, and though my year still remains unmixed, my younger sister reports that the classrooms mirror this feeling.

It feels weird writing this and thinking that when the new school year comes around next year and someone else writes their welcome, I will no longer be at Forest. Very quickly I found myself feeling at home here as soon I will be leaving this home. But I am eternally grateful for everything I have learnt here and the values my teachers and peers have instilled in me. For now, I will continue to work hard for myself and the school towards building a future for myself and an even better environment for future students.

Oscar Marjoram
Head Boy