Religion & Worldviews

Subject Leader Religion & Worldviews Mr McDermott
Religion & Worldviews Teachers


 Religion & Worldviews teaches us about religions & beliefs that exist in this country proportionately balanced with secular views e.g. humanism. it helps reveal the true meanings behind religions to provide a better understanding, increasingly important in our diverse soviety, especially in light of inaccuracies or bias encountered on social media.

We believe that studying Religion & Worldviews enables students to understand that everyone has a different opinion and the importance of listening to and respect other people's views. By providing this opportunity students can develop their own opinions and the ability to justify them (rather than "I think this but I don't know why").

In addition to providing students the chance to develop opinions, beliefs & values we also aim to deepen their understanding of the nature, diversity & impact of Religion & Worldviews in the modern world.

In Religion & Worldviews students will become:

  • Motivated to learn, keen to ask questions, seek answers, develop their opinions and justify their own views.
  • Global citizens able to show understanding, respect and tolerance of different religions & worldviews.
  • Less ignorant but rather more knowledgeable and understanding of religious beliefs and worldviews.
  • Free thinkers, able to debate issues, influence and challenge the opinions of others.
  •  Sufficiently inspired to study Theology or perhaps Philosophy at college, university and beyond.

Please see our learning journey for a visual representation of the curriculum.