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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Leader Modern Languages Mrs S McGowan
Modern Languages Teachers Mrs P Andreoli
Mrs E Cooper-Berry
Mr S Massingham​

Learning a foreign language is more important than ever in today’s society. As well as learning to appreciate different countries and cultures, learning a language can improve future employment prospects for our students. An increasing number of companies are doing business in several countries around the world, and being able to communicate in other languages will make our students much more valuable to an employer.

Studies have also demonstrated the cognitive benefits of learning another language, showing that bilinguals tend to have better memories, and are more creative, better problem solvers.

The Scheme of Work at Forest covers a range of topics relevant to young people in contemporary society and provides for a sound development of grammar skills. The Department has high expectations, and all staff use a range of teaching and learning techniques to enable students to progress and reach their full potential.

Please see our learning journey for French, German and Spanish for a visual representation of the curriculum.


Key Stage 3

We offer three languages at Forest. At KS3 students are introduced to two of the three languages on offer in the first term and are given the choice to pick one which they will continue to learn throughout Key Stage 3.

They will be developing their language skills in listening and responding, reading and writing and cultural awareness. All skills are regularly assessed at every term, with students sitting an end of unit assessment.

Homework is set once a week, where students are given weekly vocabulary lists to learn for a test in class.

Key Stage 4

French, Spanish and German are the three languages that The Forest School offers at KS4.

The exam board is AQA, and the GCSE course consists of four externally assessed examined papers, based on the following skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Homework is set once a week; however, it is essential that students spend at least one hour a week learning spellings and revising vocabulary for their weekly vocabulary tests. Moreover, students will also have to complete various grammatical tasks from their booklets, which are purchased at the start of KS4.