The Forest School 11

Media Studies

Subject Leaders Media Studies Mr P Adil-Smith
Media Studies Teachers Mrs K Turvey

Media Studies provides students with practical opportunities to plan and develop their own ideas through project work.  They will provide learners with essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve their learning in other subjects with the aims of enhancing their employability when they leave education, contributing to their personal development and future economic well-being. The qualifications will encourage independence, creativity and awareness of the digital media sector. 

The ‘hands on’ approach that will be required for both teaching and learning has strong relevance to the way young people use the technology required in creative media. It will underpin a highly valid approach to the assessment of their skills as is borne out by what teachers tell us. The qualification design, including the range of units available, will allow learners the freedom to explore the areas of creative media that interest them as well as providing good opportunities to enhance their learning in a range of curriculum areas.

Please see our learning journey for a visual representation of the curriculum.

The main areas of study are:

Developing Digital Graphics

Developing a Games Concept

Designing a Video Game

Pre-production techniques

Our Learning Journey provides a visual representation of the course structure.

Our Key Stage 4 course is with OCR and is the Creative iMedia course. Students can achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade for their work portfolio. Each coursework unit is 25% of their grade, alongside a final exam which makes up the final 25%. The coursework units are made up of four sections: research, planning, production, and an evaluation.


Every day our Media Studies suite is open for Games Club offering a variety of media related activities such as retro video gaming; esports; Twitch streaming; Dungeons and Dragons; Warhammer and other tabletop games. We offer trips to events and venues such as Comic Con London, EGX and Rezzed, and the Heart of Gaming. These trips are open to all students.