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Subject Leader Technology Mr M Day/Mr J Rider
Technology Teachers Mrs V Chadwick
Mrs P Jackson
Mr S Jones
Mr A Lias
Mr J Pratt​


The teachers in the Technology department at Forest aim to share their passion for technology to inspire, engage and motivate students to create products of a very high standard.

The Technology curriculum covers, Resistant Materials, Electronics, CAD, Textiles, Graphics and Food & Nutrition. This ensures we give students a wide range of skills and processes they can use to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its impact on people throughout the world.

In lessons we encourage the students' natural creativity and excitement to help them develop the skill sets to design and make a range of products.

Skills are modelled by the teacher and pupils then work independently on their own designs to further develop their skills and knowledge of the different subject areas of Technology.

Please see our learning journey for Engineering and Food Technology for a visual representation of the curriculum.

In KS3 the Technology curriculum covers a broad range of skills and modules, now including the very exciting Woodland project.

In KS4 the specialisms are narrowed down to Technology, Engineering and Food & Nutrition; making use of the skills that pupils have learnt in previous years, thus giving them an informed about which subject suits them best.