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GCSE Computer Science

Subject Leader GCSE Computer Science Mrs C Champ
GCSE Computer Science Teachers  Mr A Lias
Mr J McClure


GCSE Computer Science provides learners with a real in-depth understanding of how computer technology works.  It offers an insight into how computers work and what goes on behind the scenes.  The course covers Databases, Hardware, Software, Data Representation, Networking and Programming Theory. The practical element includes analysis of different programming languages and software development which many students find absorbing.  Pupils taking this course will need to have developed good literacy and numeracy skills as understanding of mathematical and logical algorithms is essential.

Course Content

The units covered in the course are:

• Computer Systems

• Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

Success in this subject requires a great deal of independent research as it is an intensive course which covers a lot of theoretical knowledge. Pupils will be assessed not only on their knowledge and understanding but also their application of knowledge, analysis of information and ability to make reasoned decisions. Those pupils who have achieved their potential in this subject have been highly motivated and self-disciplined in managing their own workload.

The course is assessed through

  • 2 written papers
  • Computer Systems
  • Computational thinking, algorithms and programming
  • 1 hour 30 minutes each
  • 80 marks per paper
  • 50% each