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GCSE Business

Subject Leader GCSE Business Mrs C Champ
GCSE Business Teachers Mr M England

Business is relevant to the business world today and provides the opportunity for pupils to gain a deeper understanding of business events they might see or hear about in the news. The course will appeal to pupils who are interested in economics and the world of business. Many past pupils have gone on to do business-related degrees, whilst others have used the vocational aspects of the course as an excellent preparation for jobs in banking, finance, leisure and administration.

Please see our learning journey for a visual representation of the curriculum.

Course Content

Students apply their knowledge and understanding to different business contexts ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. Students develop an understanding of how these contexts impact on business behaviour. Students will apply their knowledge and understanding to business decision making including:

  • The interdependent nature of business activity, influences on business, business operations, finance, marketing and human resources, and how these interdependencies underpin business decision making
  • How different business contexts affect business decisions
  • The use and limitation of quantitative and qualitative data in making business decisions. 
  • Our specification requires students to draw on the knowledge and understanding to:
  • Use business terminology to identify and explain business activity
  • Apply business concepts to familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • Develop problem solving and decision making skills relevant to business
  • Investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and issues
  • Make justified decisions using both qualitative and quantitative data including its selection,
  • Interpretation, analysis and evaluation, and the application of appropriate quantitative skills.

Success in Business requires a great deal of independent research. Pupils will be assessed not only on their knowledge and understanding but also their application of knowledge, analysis of information and ability to make reasoned decisions. Those pupils who have achieved their potential in this subject have been highly motivated and self-disciplined in managing their own workload.


The course is assessed through

  • Examination – two 1 hour 45 minute written papers (weighting of 50% each).