The Forest School 86

Art & Photography

Subject Leader Art & Photography Ms S Prades 

Art & Photography Teachers

Miss V Bex
Mrs N Williamson

Y7, Y8 and Y9

We believe in making Art accessible to all giving pupils the opportunity to explore, create, becoming inquisitive and independent learners. We encourage and facilitate this exploration through a wide variety of materials; drawing, painting, print making, sculpture and photography. Expanding their appreciation of Art and the world around them by looking at the work of other Artists and encouraging them to look at the world around them. 


Regular Art Surgery’s each week, at lunchtime or after school in the department.

These Enrichment Art and Photography classes are offered to students who want to extend and build on their creative skills, continue to have a creative outlet on their timetable, specialise in a practical skill and enrich their education. This includes competition entries to in-house and the wider community.

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Key Stage 3

The assessment criteria for Key Stage 3 will be different for each unit of work to ensure that they are making progress and ensuring that they are exploring and developing their confidence with all different specialisms of Art and Design.

Key Stage 4

AQA GCSE Art and Design 3 year Course

This is perfect option for those who enjoy communicating visually;

Year 10’s start of this 2 year GCSE course which focuses on knowledge and understanding of materials, techniques and making visual connections with Artists who use Natural Forms as their inspiration, through visual and written work. 

This gives them a solid, confident foundation on which to build their successful GCSE Art and Design and begin to develop and explore further their own Art work and Artists which they chose to connect to. 

They will continue to develop and show progress of this knowledge and understanding choosing a Starting Point which they find inspirational. This continues to build onto their already established knowledge and understanding.

Year 11 they will be working towards their final Externally Set Component. This will begin with their PPE GCSE Art to introduce them to the structure of this component.

Skills developed will range from drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, 2-d and 3-d work.

A final exhibition will be organised to celebrate and share their successes with others.

AQA GCSE Photography

This course has the same structure as the GCSE Art and Design however the specialism is Photography. The pupils have the opportunity to learn and develop skills with darkroom techniques and digital photography. They develop their knowledge and understanding through the work of others appreciating different styles and

They are guided and learn about Photographers which encourages them to express and have opinions.

Art and Photography students will:

  • Show an individual approach to communicating, comparing and illustrating
  • Carry out purposeful analysis and application of materials, techniques and processes
  • Create solutions in response to briefs and scenarios
  • Communicate intended meaning using the language of art and design

Personalised learning is crucial in the Art Department this ensures that each individual is succeeding within the subject and holistically