Science forest


Subject Leader Science Miss A Staines
Science Teachers Mrs H Barnes-Austin
Mrs P Davis
Dr K England
Dr Keelan
Mr P Koester
Mr E Mguni
Dr Wall​

The Science department at Forest aims to share their passion for science to inspire, engage and motivate students.

Our broad curriculum ensures we give students the methods, skills and processes they can use to develop
a deeper understanding of science and therefore understand the phenomena they see in the world around them. We believe every student can experience success in science.

In lessons, we encourage the students' natural curiosity and excitement and help them develop the skill set that is needed to answer their questions and to make scientific predictions. Students are guided to work independently and in groups and complete practical and interactive activities regularly. All students study
all three scientific disciplines from year 7, until the end of year 11 ensuring we give a well-rounded science education preparing them for their next steps after Forest.

Please see our learning journey for a visual representation of the curriculum.