We are delighted with our most recent OFSTED report - March 2017. The inspectors recognise that Forest is a good school.

Pupils thrive at the school because they are nurtured, intellectually stimulated, and provided with rich opportunities for development.

The school has a very positive environment. Consequently, pupils are highly receptive to learning.

Teachers use their strong subject knowledge well when providing advice, feedback and assistance, which helps pupils to learn better and succeed in examinations.

Pupils benefit from the positive ethos, which encourages them to give of their best, treat others with respect, and aim high. Most parents spoke highly of this aspect of the school’s work, one commenting on how the school is, ‘an excellent school with a good ethos, well run and with caring staff.

Around the school, in lessons, and at breaktime pupils’ behaviour is impressive. Many pupils and parents view the disciplined yet caring approach as a strength of the school. Pupils also noted the positive impact of the school’s ‘zero tolerance’ to all forms of bullying, and to any form of physical contact. Pupils commented that on the rare occasions that bullying happens, it is dealt with firmly and effectively.