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Headboy's Welcome

As Head Boy, I feel very proud to welcome you to the Forest School.

Forest is a unique school, with a very special atmosphere. At the school, we have four communities: Branson, Marconi, Hawking and Dyson. Each is led by a member of our
non-teaching staff, who provide excellent pastoral care. They play a vital role in helping students feel part of the Forest community. No matter what you enjoy or who you are, you will find other people with similar interests. Forest’s huge range of extra-curricular activities make it an excellent place to learn and create new friendships.

Forest has a plethora of outstanding teachers, each of whom is passionate in enabling students to become independent learners. The teachers are prepared to go that extra mile to offer support and help. A great example of this is our regular revision sessions run after school and during half terms. These help students to achieve their full potential.

Forest has helped me grow into a respectful young man. The broad curriculum and enrichment opportunities have helped me improve my confidence and social skills. I remember joining in Year 7 as a shy student who would have never considered being Head Boy and all that it entails. For this, I am very appreciative and I am sure that all other students will receive the same support at Forest.

Overall, Forest is an excellent school that will help all students unlock their potential and become the best young adults they can possibly be. Forest is a school which doesn’t place a glass ceiling on your dreams.

George Ingram
Head Boy