Biology Challenge 2017 Results

For the third successive year, The Forest School entered 240 pupils into the Biology Challenge, run by the Royal Society of Biology.  This consists of two online exams where boys are quizzed on a variety of biological topics.  Some of the topics have been covered in school, but a lot of the questions are based on biological knowledge which will have been gained from extracurricular research such as that has been gained from reading books and magazines, watching natural history programmes and taking notice of the news media for items of biological interest.

This year The Forest School did extremely well with 94 boys achieving certificates.  Of these, 10 pupils achieved the highest Gold certificate which meant they were in the top 5% of pupils entering the competition nationally.  These 10 pupils have been invited to attend an award ceremony in London which will included a talk by Professor Tim Birkhead, author and animal behaviour and the history of science professor at the University of Sheffield.