Science Club visit to the South Downs Planetarium

Science Club visit to the South Downs Planetarium.

Science club didn’t go home on Friday 25 January…instead we made posters to show off the experiments that we have done this term, then we had pizza! Pizza was good, but the best part was the show at the South Downs Planetarium. It has a special star projector that projects images of the stars and other objects onto a dome above you. It really feels like you are under a clear sky. Dr Mason, who is a professional astronomer, showed us what we could see in the sky over winter, and told us lots of interesting facts about the different stars, nebulas, and even about the current science happening on Mars. Did you know that stars are different colours, and that some of the light we can see from the stars only reaches us millions of years later. We think it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Chichester.


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