Transport Information

Forest School EMERGENCY PLANSummary of Transport Information to The Forest School

The following document provides a summary of bus and coach routes to The Forest School as well as information about bus passes on the different routes.

For general journey planning queries, including services in and around Horsham, please visit:

Assistance with transport to school

Normally it is the responsibility of parents to get their children to and from school safely.  Free transport or help with travelling costs may be offered according to which school or college the pupil attend and the distance involved.  Click here to get guidance about help that is available.

Where help is agreed it will normally be by one or more of the following:

  • A free place on a contract or school bus
  • A rail or bus season ticket
  • A fuel allowance where travel by car is agreed
  • A taxi or car, in exceptional circumstances only, usually for children with severe disabilities
  • A contribution towards the cost of travel

Sussex Coaches operate a number of commercial services to the school. The route timetables are below.

68 TimeTable

633 TimeTable

634 TimeTable

639 TimeTable

651 TimeTable

Compass Travel and Metrobus also operate services to the school. Please visit their website for more information.

WSCC Concessionary seat Scheme

In parts of West Sussex the County Council provides coaches, buses, minibuses and taxis for pupils who are entitled to assistance with transport between home and school.

Sometimes there are spare seats on these vehicles which can be made available to pupils who do not qualify for assistance. These spare seats are called concessionary seats, for which a termly ticket may be purchased.

Concessionary seats are not available on public transport.

To apply for a seat please refer to the WSCC website for more information including the relevant forms.

For more information including how you could save money on your child's travel costs visit the West Sussex School Travel Web pages.

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Fare Charges

68 Fare Chart

633 Fare Chart

634  Fare Chart

639 Fare Chart

651 Fare Chart