Our innovative and diverse curriculum is teamed with progressive teaching methods to create a unique learning environment.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers a variety of academic and applied learning courses. In all subject areas, we focus on promoting skills such as initiative, leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork. The result is a well-rounded education that provides an excellent foundation for further and higher education and the world of work. 

Recognising that challenge takes many forms, we give boys careful guidance to ensure that their education sparks interest, provides diversity and offers appropriate pathways at school and beyond into adult life. Personalised learning programmes ensure that each boy learns at the right pace for him, with continuous assessment of progress and support provided to maximise achievement.

All pupils begin some GCSE or alternative courses at the start of Year 9 and many will be supported to take a wider range of GCSEs when they are ready.  This means that pupils may well have achieved four or five GCSE or equivalent qualifications by the end of Year 10. This staged approach provides appropriate challenge at Key Stage 3 and spreads the pressure of examinations. It also enables more able pupils to begin courses at an advanced level during their final year.

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