Headboy's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to The Forest School website as the head boy. After attending the school for four years, I have had the full experience of the school and I can safely say that Forest is a school like no other. It provides the perfect environment for you to be happy and thrive in your learning.

During my time here I have witnessed all aspects of the school, and have seen that at Forest we are always looking for the way to improve, and provide the best opportunities for our pupils. These opportunities could be anything you want, ranging from various sports teams such as football and rugby, to school productions in the performing arts, to after school maths clubs. There really is something for everyone here at Forest. And at the end of the day, although we get some great results at the end of the year, it’s about making sure that pupils feel safe and enjoy their time at school.

Since my step up from primary school, I feel I have developed in both knowledge as well as confidence. And I believe that it is largely down to the support and opportunities offered by the school that I am in the position I am in today.

Joe Allen