Headboy's Welcome

Kiyoshe CrawleyI’d like to welcome you to the Forest School, as a year 11 and the Head Boy. I have had the full experience of the school and I know that we are exemplary, as we provide a safe and nurturing environment that produce happy and well-educated young boys. 

We are always looking for ways to improve by providing the best opportunities for our pupils, academically, sports and in the arts. There is something for everyone here at Forest - all staff will ensure that all pupils are included. The staff make an excellent effort to provide support to all styles of pupil and can cater for all, from the sport fanatics and drama lovers; we also provide after school help such as our maths clinic or homework club. We take pride in the fact that we are a school that produces great results academically whilst creating a safe and enjoyable environment.

Since I have arrived at Forest the support from the staff and other pupils has allowed me to excel both in the classroom and in sport and I would not be in this position without the support shown by the great character of the Forest School.

Kiyoshe Crawley